• World class optics and sensor systems

    Optics and sensor systems for civil and defense

  • Specialised optics for defense

    Optics and sensors for police or military

  • Worldclass medico equipment

    Worldsclass medico equipment

  • Research and development

    We assist your engineering department with challenging projects

Products made and sold by ATE

We do not only do case by case projects, but we also have an extended range of products that we made, and we do sell them directly to the customers.

Many products are designed together with highly skilled and demanding customers, that wanted a high-quality product for a specific use.

The selective and demanding customers made ATE able to create and manufacture a range of products for different usage.

We can produce large quantities for you without any change to the ready-made product, and we can do it swiftly.

Today we have more than 1000 products in our product portfolio, and you are always welcome to contact us for further information, as we can not display everything on our webpage.

Our areas of business

Optical design

Medical design

PCB design

Light design

Green technology

Patents and rights

Software design

Mechanical design