• World class optics and sensor systems

    Optics and sensor systems for civil and defense

  • Specialised optics for defense

    Optics and sensors for police or military

  • Worldclass medico equipment

    Worldsclass medico equipment

  • Research and development

    We assist your engineering department with challenging projects


All companies start with one or a small dedicated team with a vision, and this is also the case of ATE. Our Funder, Christian Nodskov, has been working in the engineering field for many years, and he has build up companies to hold more than 1000 employees in the high-tech area.

Circumstances in his professional life brought Christian Nodskov to Thailand as CEO of a new venture, responsible for building up a high-tech company. When he reached the agreed milestone, he started ATE Asia.

Christian Nodskov lived in Thailand for years, building the ATE Asia organization together with a dedicated team of Thai people. They created a customer base and a reputation as being the go-to company if the customers needed an exceptional high quality solution for their technical problems.

The ambition of Christian Nodskov is to scale the Danish part of ATE to be a trusted partner in the fields of industry, defence, medico and space sector, and everyday we work diligently to reach this goal as a team.